Below are just some of the verdicts/settlements that we have attained for our clients:

At The Greene Law Firm, PLLC we handle our client cases with the utmost confidentiality. For this reason, client and case names in this list of representative cases successfully handled by our firm have been omitted to protect their privacy.

We caution you in reviewing this list that past results are not indicative of potential cases. The past results shared are not guarantees of potential results. Each case is handled individually based on its own set of facts and circumstances. Each case is different with its own set of facts and circumstances, and no two injuries affect an individual in the exact same manner. Each case is handled differently and judged on its own merits.

$8,000,000.00+ Result achieved for a widow who lost her spouse in a trucking collision.
$2,900,000.00 Settlement involving substantial injuries following a 15-passenger van roll-over and the bad faith action against the insurance company for failing to appropriately and timely resolve the claim.
$1,000,000.00+ Result achieved for a bicyclist injured in collision with automobile after losing control of his bicycle in construction zone and being thrown into traffic.
$775,000.00 Slip and fall as a result of a slippery hospital mat.
$700,000.00 Man who sustained injuries after falling from a balcony.
$450,000.00 Slip and fall resulting from improper mats maintained in gas station.
$400,000.00 Wrongful death settlement for passenger in vehicle in which the driver ran a red light and was struck by a tractor trailer, causing death to the passenger.
$397,500.00 Disputed wrongful death claim against trucking company. Man struck by pick-up truck and then run over by 18-wheeler.
$325,000.00 Slip and fall as a result of a poorly made ramp.
$150,000.00 Claim against a product manufacturer alleging injury from the use of the product.